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Introduction To Certificate In "PHP (CPHP)"

About The Course

Through this course learn how to develop "applications in PHP and use MySQL" efficiently for these applications. Also, combine these applications with time-proven database management techniques to create an efficient, solid and secure user-experience.

Course Covers :

Certificate in "PHP" covers the concepts of PHP Variables, Operators, String Handling, Request Method (GET, POST, REQUEST), MySQL Introduction, Read, Modify, Delete record in PHP from MySQL & Much More....

Program Type :- Theory & Practical

Topics Covered :

  • Understanding HTML Tags., Understanding Hyperlink & Navigation.
  • Form Designing in HTML
  • Introduction to PHP, Understanding Syntext
  • PHP Variables, Operators, String Handling
  • Data Type
  • Condition Statements (If, If Else, If else if, else, Case)
  • Loop Statement (for, While, Do While)
  • Array, String Manipulating
  • Creating & Using Function & Classes
  • Training On Live Project
  • Form Submission
  • Request Method (GET, POST, REQUEST)
  • Include, Require
  • Date, Time, Calendar
  • Session & Cookies
  • File Handling
  • Work with GD Directory (Image Manipulation)
  • Training On Live Project
  • MySQL Introduction
  • Database Conncetion
  • Insert, Delete, update, tables using PHP Page
  • Read, Modify, Delete record in PHP from MySQL
  • Error Handling
  • Training On Live Project
    (Ex. FAQ, Address Book, Photo Gallery, Blood Donor Database, Product Gallery etc.)

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